Cabaret Voltaire – Information for Backers

Due to my upcoming Startnext-Funding-Action, which will hopefully be sucessful, I’m now writing an english Blog Post with everything in it that has evolved during the Last Month after Shooting. Maybe some short introduction as well:

FundsacheHi. That is me with a thrifted deer’s jawbone in my hand. I am a morbid kind of girl. I like Skeletons, Creepy Dolls, Creepy Masks, Halloween and Horror movies, moldy furniture and bedraggled places

Kind  That’s me again. I am a little child as well. I like Ponys and Glitter, dresses and lace, plastic toys, rabbits, pink and pastel  everything.

And this is the Team of the Short Film I made, called CABARET VOLTAIRE


We were a very very motivated and hard working group of so many wonderful people and still are. We call ourselves The Voltairians and I am their Leader. I am a Director and that’s want I want to do for my life – Making Movies.

It was my dream to make a movie about Cabaret, about a murder, about POST-GENDER and now it’s there, packed in little digital files and ready to be put together.


BUT, I also did this project on a high risk of not being able to get the money back in, that I actually spend. The last month of pre-production went by so fast, that I could not think about crowdfunding or anything before the shooting.

IMG_1701            IMG_1774

I had some doubts, because I couldn’t let anything or anyone or any circumstance stop me doing this project. I just couldn’t. Maybe you think it’s irrational. Yes, it was. It is. But when it comes to art, I am an irrational character. It’s the most important thing in my life. And I hope someday i will somehow get paid for doing it.

Now I’m doing the first step by THE ART OF ASKING.

If you love Film and Cabaret, Art and Thriller, Post-Gender-Feminism and Artists, please spare some money, so I can pay back 2000 Euros to a very great friend and also to produce some DVD’s, Posters and more for backers and my team.

Our short-film is staged in the Cabaret Voltaire, a club in Germany, that opens with artists and the atmospere of a Cabaret in the 1920’s. Three young adults have tickets to the show, tickets to be murdered. But they don’t know yet.


See some pictures Behind the Scenes:

PIC_0830  PIC_0846    Foto 18.12.14 21 54 36

We have a Creepy Clown.   We have the worlds most strongest woman.  A puppet and knife-thrower

Foto 16.12.14 13 47 01       Foto 16.12.14 15 24 51

We have Aetschy – The Leader.      And soooo much more.

For more pictures and some german words you can also see a previous Blog entry of mine:



Jennifer von Schuckmann


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