What I learned by Loving you


A poem from Germany to Wales


Love isn’t blind

It sees pretty clear

What there’s to find

And the heart is deceitful

Above all struggles and all fear.


Sex is not about climax

And is not a promise to marry.

Sex is Making Love

Quite literary.

The feeling of pleasuring your love

Is above

All orgasms you can ever have

And the feeling of two minds melting

Is more rebelling,

Than an undressed piece of ass.


Love and Sex don’t care about gender,

They don’t care about genitals and their splendour.

If the one crosses your path

You won’t care what’s in their pants

Or in their hands.

Lube or lath

Is simply  a personal aftermath.

So if you feel alone and unhappy

Start looking wider.

Your ideals of flesh and show

Are preventing you

from finding the one gold mind

at the end of a manifold rainbow.


People are neither fortuned or stuck

You  make your own luck.

>>It’s as much about instinct

         As it is about intellect<<     Kate Tempest

And though I feel with all I am

There is more to life, it exists

(no, no god and no bright light)

You are absolutely right.


Talking should be mindful

Never inflationary.

Words should carry

precision and rear view.

Mutual silence,

Or a simple gaze

Is often enough to describe

The universe.


Being honest is key

Don’t say stuff with hidden motives.

No strings attached

that go unnoticed.

Be true to yourself.

Be true to your plan

And always feel like you can.


Love your partner every day

Don’t wish them away.

Love them as if you lost them yesterday.

Don’t project your shit on them.

Your lover is not a screen

To watch your life crack.

Water off a duck’s back.

If you feel alone and unhappy still

With how things are

Take a fucking risk

A thrill.


Your life doesn’t depend on

loving someone

hardly or too hard.


You don’t have to love the same way

As long as you love equally.

If your partner doesn’t say

I love you every day,

give you roses

or chocolate

or write you a poem

It’s not important all through

If only their eyes are

Glowing when they look at you.


Being able to remain human

Is good for your health.

You fart, you shit, you stink,

You cry,

You have red spots, pimples,

Chubby parts and wrinkles.

But Love doesn’t care.

Love is stronger than distance.

Love accepts the dare.

Love is stronger than the souvenirs of your love.

Fuck mutual interests!

Fuck being in the same country!

Care about being on the same page!

Fuck egoism!

Fuck the past and the future!

Fuck fucking pragmatism!


How do I know it’s all been worth it?

It’s a feeling words can hardly describe

It’s a knowing,  a certain stability.

Nothing can tear you apart, no swipe.

It’s all about trust.

First in yourself!

Second in your partners mentalism

And much important: altruism.

Wishing for the other person to be happy

Makes them happy

Makes you happy

Makes them want to make you more happy.


All of this I learned from your mind

My pet, my kind.

There is more to life

Than following the rules of attraction

But if you found loves‘ satisfaction

Your love gives you Life

And you feel more alive

And you see pretty clear

Without fear

Without mist

Yes, my love

We exist!



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